Customized Recipes

You’re reading this because you need help with creating a recipe to suit your existing or new clientele. I get a lot of requests to help with creating new recipes which are quick, easy to make and can be reproduced at multiple locations and get the same consistency, taste and flavor.

The exciting part (for me) is working with restaurant owners to create recipes with step-by-step instructions which are easy to follow and can be reproduced at multiple locations.

I look forward to creating a unique recipe for you. Connect with me!

Customized Spice Mixes

Making spice mixes is what I do. Have you checked out our shop and the mixes I already have? Getting to know your needs and what you’re looking for from a custom blend is what I’m passionate about. I will work with you to make sure we come up with a unique blend that suits your needs. Whether it’s a BBQ rub, a spice mix or pastes for curries or stir-fries – my aim is to make sure you get a blend that gets your taste buds tingling and soul satisfied!

I’ve successfully worked with restaurant owners to come up with new blends which they use in their restaurants. I would love the opportunity to work with you as well. Reach out and let’s get the ball rolling!

How do we get started?

Informational Call!

Let’s hop on a call so that I can pick your brain on what kind of flavor profile you’re trying to achieve, who your clientele is, etc. This initial call will make sure we’re in sync about the recipe/spice mix you have in mind. I’ll send you the breakdown of next steps, timelines and an itemized quote and if the need be, sign a non disclosure agreement. Contact me to get the ball rollin’!

I get cookin’!

Once the quote is agreed upon and contract signed, I start doing what I do. Based on the timelines, I will come up with 2 spice rubs along with a recipe each and send out samples to you for testing and to get feedback. Information such as method, serving and cooking times are provided. Depending on what you pick, I’ll give you a final quote.

Ship It!

I’ll ship across the exact recipe for the spice mixes and how they were made with step by step instructions.

On a budget?

I work with a variety of businesses and budgets, large and small, and tailor my service to individual needs. Contact me for any extra information and a free quote.