Hello, I'm Rohit!

How it all started...


I moved to the US in 2000 and at that time all I could cook was probably an egg for breakfast, let alone do a BBQ. In India, at that time, the concept of ‘doing a BBQ’ was picking up the phone and having a restaurant deliver your favorite dishes to your doorstep. Hey, picking up a phone and calling is hard work!! However, from what I’ve seen during my recent trips, some people have gotten into doing their own, real, BBQ’s. And when I say their own BBQ’s – I mean having their own pits, charcoal, smokers, the works! The trend is catching up.


Over the years, I saw a bunch of people do BBQ’s and was intrigued more, more and even more. I started doing my own BBQ at home learning from my brother, Rahul, who is brilliant at cooking and doing BBQ’s. If you like what I cook, his food will blow you out of your mind!! He even taught me how to cook food – any kind of food!! When I moved to the US, we both lived together and we had a deal where I had the privilege of cleaning up after he was done cooking. [Trust me – it wasn’t pretty! A murder scene would be easier to clean up!]


It’s been 18 years since I’ve been tinkering around with meat on fire and I’ve learned a lot from great BBQ places like – The Salt Lick BBQ (I love their BBQ pit. I wish to have one like that at some point in my life! For now, I’m lovin’ my Traeger and my Kamado Joe's.


I love BBQ’ing (cooking in general) and feeding people. Most of the food I cook are experiments with spices from India or other parts of the world and I get to use my friends as “food tasters” for my recipes. Yes, they are still alive!! They have been behind me to share my recipes and that’s what brought about India’s BBQ. This gives me a good medium to share my recipes and see how people enjoy making their own versions and sharing their feedback. So far – I know I got to take better pictures of the food and I need to learn how to present the food better… I know, I know! I will work on that part as we go along. If you have tips – please feel free to share!

Check out Traeger’s latest set of grills. They are pretty awesome. Check out the Kamado Joe Big Joe and the Kamado Joe Classic II – the other two guns in my arsenal! 🙂